I’m an crusty old geek with a passion for learning new technologies. My particular interests are UI, dynamic languages, platform economics, competitive dynamics, and large-scale software development.

My current job is with Palm, working to define a set of web services around their next-generation mobile platform. Previously I’ve worked for Adobe, Microsoft, PlaceWare, Taligent, and Apple. Prior to joining PlaceWare I was a partner in a small boutique consulting company, Free Range Software, that did work for Intuit, DEC, and Perforce, among others.

My policy on comments: nothing obscene, no personal attacks, no trolling, no spam. Any comment that fits one or more of these categories (in my own subjective judgement) can and will be deleted without warning or notice. Frequent abusers will be banned from commenting, though this has never happened to date.

The opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not reflect any official position by Palm or any previous employeer.

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