Palm Claim Chowda?

TechCrunch, AllThingsD, and many others are giving Roger McNamee a lot of crap about his claim that yesterday, the 2 year anniversary of the iPhone’s launch, would be the day that everyone who bought one of those iPhones would upgrade to a Palm Pre. Now I do think he deserves some of that crap, since the hyperbole was so extreme. But to take that claim and try to paint the Pre launch or Elevation’s Palm investment as a failure because it didn’t stand up to that hyperbole is ridiculous. The refutation of these claims is really quite simple: compare the stock performance of the leading cell phone makers over the last year:

Stock performance chart, PALM vastly outperforms others over past 12 months

Note that while Palm’s stock has soared, Apple’s stock is only slightly higher and the other major phone makers are down. If I was Elevation Partners, I think I’d be pretty happy with Palm’s performance relative to its competitors…

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 30Jul09.

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