And so it goes…

Long time no blog, but here I am again. First post since last January, but that was because Palm disapproved of my blogging and I didn’t want the internal controversy. But as it happens I’m no longer a Palm employee as of last Tuesday, thanks to a new Senior Vice President who wanted to hire her own people to own the App Catalog. I could vent a great deal about the management mistakes that have been made at Palm over the last few months, but I prefer to look forward. Besides, I still believe in the potential of the platform and have a lot of good feelings for the folks I worked with there.

But that also means that I’m looking for my next job. Could be permanent or contract, as long as it is full time and allows me to work on user-centric software that solves real problems for real people. If you know of something, DM me on twitter. A mini resumé is also available on LinkedIn.

Another change is the URL of this blog. Somehow my domain expired at dotster on July 4 and I didn’t notice. Probably because dotster sends me so much spammy marketing email that I just auto-deleted it without reading. And some tool has hijacked the domain, so I’m going back to the wordpress default url, Sorry for the inconvenience, but you’ll need to update any feed URLs you may have subscribed to.

That’s it for now. I promise to actually write more about tech subjects now that I don’t have to worry about Palm’s PR folks coming down on me – although Lynn and Jon were very nice to me, they still ruled over all public discourse with an iron fist!

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 24Jul09.

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