Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing

I recently installed CruiseControl.rb on my MacBook Pro, and its been a great help. But I’ve also been looking at “Continuous Testing” tools like the autotest feature of ZenTest. I don’t find autotest to be a great fit for my laptop – it kills battery life if I forget to turn it off, and it makes the machine hot even when I’m plugged in.

I’m curious: what do other people do for Continuous Integration and/or Continuous Testing on their small team projects? What are the gotchas? Any wish lists?

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 31Aug08.

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  1. We (at Viget Labs) use CC.rb on a server that automatically runs after each commit. We also have this tied to notify us in Campfire when a “build” is broken. There are much more complex setups that I have seen for notifications, including some very nice ones up on lcd televisions.

    Personally, I use autotest with growl notifications and a little coloring.

    Sorry this isn’t anything new but, it does support your first instinct.

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