History Meme

Tim Bray and Mark Pilgrim have done it, so I thought I’d throw my command line history into the mix. Interestingly, I’ve been doing a lot of ruby on rails work over the last few weeks and it has skewed my command line use away from java based stuff like ant and maven:

~ % history | awk '{a[$3]++} END{for(i in a){printf "%5d\t%s \n",a[i],i}}' | sort -rn | head
259 ls
135 cd
82 p4
61 svn
61 ruby
59 cap
34 rm
31 mate
30 rake
22 script/console

(and, in case anyone was wondering why I use the third column instead of the second, it is because my default shell is still tcsh.)

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 17Apr08.

2 Responses to “History Meme”

  1. I knew, I just knew you were a heavy ls user. What is this p4 thing, though?

  2. […] meme was too strong… I saw Andrew Shebanow’s post about the History Meme, and had to try it myself. Here are my most common shell commands (on Mac OS X), with […]

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