Jobs for Flex Engineers and Deep QE

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I’ve got a couple of jobs open I want to advertise. I mentioned them a couple of weeks ago when trying (and failing miserably, I might add) to lure Yahoo! engineers into the fold, but the reqs are officially open now and I want to start banging the drum, since this is a great chance to work with Flex and AIR on the client side and with a distributed web service on the server side. Buzzword, SHARE, and Brio are just the first taste of the products we’re working on, with much more cool stuff to come.

Here are the two jobs available:

  • A Web Services QE engineer with extensive experience proving the scalability of web applications and web service APIs. This position is in San Francisco.
  • A Flex UI engineer who has an evolved design aesthetic and wants to build killer web applications using Flex. Knowledge of Flex not required, but the ideal candidate will be able to show me at least one great user experience they built using Cocoa, WPF, AJAX, or similar. This position is in San Francisco or San Jose.

Our larger group also has five summer intern positions open: one for a QE automation developer, the others for Flex/Java/.NET developers working on our next generation hosted services platform. These positions are in Seattle, San Francisco (2), San Jose, and Newton.

If you are a kick ass developer, send me email (shebanow AT and tell me why you are the person I should be hiring. Adobe is an awesome company to work for, and the project is very cool.

[Update 29-02-2008: fixed job links to work better with the adobe jobs site, which behaves oddly the first time you click the old links. Thanks David!]

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 26Feb08.

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