How I’m Spending My Summer Vacation…

I love my current car, a 2000 BMW 528, but it has gone over the 90K mile mark and repairs are starting to get mighty expensive. So I decided to “fix” the problem by buying myself a new car, a BMW 335 Convertible. I bought it via European Delivery and am picking it up in late April in Munich at the fancy new BMW Welt:

BMW Welt architectural photo

Given that I’ve never spent any time in Germany (not counting layovers at the Frankfurt airport), I thought I’d post my planned route and see if people have comments on places to stay, things to see, etc. Here are some of my personal musts for the trip:

  • drive from Munich to Fussen on the Romantic Road
  • drive on the Autobahn
  • spend a day in Strasbourg, France on family business
  • drink some good wine
  • take lots of great pictures

Click the JPEG map below to see my planned route on google maps (I’d embed the map directly but won’t allow it, darn it!):
Small version of route map

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 21Feb08.

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