Joining the Yahoo engineer recruiting frenzy…

Seems like every time I turn around I see someone trying to recruit away Yahoo! engineers. I hate being left out!

I’m hiring two great engineers to work on the leading edge of our next generation of web applications:

  • A QE engineer with extensive experience proving the scalability of web applications and web service APIs. This position is in San Francisco.
  • An application UI engineer who has an evolved design aesthetic and wants to build killer web applications using Flex. Knowledge of Flex not required, but the ideal candidate will be able to show me at least one great user experience they built using Cocoa, WPF, AJAX, or similar. This position is in San Francisco or San Jose.

If you fit this mold, send me email (shebanow AT and tell me why you are the person I should be hiring. Adobe is an awesome company to work for, and the project is very cool and very high visibility within the company. You don’t actually have to work for Yahoo!

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 13Feb08.

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