Microsoft’s really bad day

First the EU hands down a major defeat on antitrust. Then google says that it welcomes the defeat of OOXML in ISO.

But my favorite bit of news comes from Andrew Shorten, who recently joined Adobe as an evangelist. He points to writeups of the MIX event in London (my emphasis added):

Whilst Microsoft has desires to interact with the design community, both Tim and Seb noted that the majority of attendees (90%+ as far as I could see) were existing .NET developers, many of whom were eager to learn more about SilverLight 1.1 and RIA. It’s great to see so much interest in improving user experiences and the development of Rich Internet Applications from this community – it’s a shame however that they’ll be waiting until the tail-end of 2008 or sometime in 2009 (allowing for some penetration of the SIlverLight 1.1 runtime) before they can deliver their applications when they could be doing it today using Flex.

I almost feel bad piling on, but can’t resist because it confirms what I saw at the MIX event in Vegas earlier this year: Microsoft still hasn’t managed to get designers interested in their platform. I did see as well that a new preview of Blend 2 is out, and some of the features sound pretty decent. But the stuff we have in the pipeline is on a whole nother level IMHO. More on that at MAX…

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 17Sep07.

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  1. “Microsoft still hasn’t managed to get designers interested in their platform.”

    This is why Microsoft pays companies large amounts of moneys to include their Silverlight platform on their website in a top-tier location. (Like and others)

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