Sigh. Mac Office 2008 delayed again.

According to, Microsoft has delayed Mac Office 2008 until mid-January 2008 to “make sure the suite is up to snuff”. The comments are worth reading.

I’m bummed, personally – the current Mac Office just blows on MacTel. And of course it also means that all of us Mac Office users be dealing with the PITA of getting .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx files in email and not having a good way to read them for even longer. Oh well. Five months isn’t that long to wait.

[Update: Aug 2 2007 9:49 Pacific] An even better article at MacWorld. I loved this quote:

“It was my call, but this wasn’t Craig coming in and saying, ‘We need more time,’” Eisler said. The delay was not due to the addition of any new features, he added, but rather was the combination of a “perfect storm” of factors that hampered the development effort.

“We switched to Intel, and Office changed file formats,” Eisler said. “It was no one thing. This release was harder than most just because of all those things happening at once.”

So one of the main causes of the delay is the need to support OOXML, huh? Interesting.

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  1. It sounds more like they’re having a hard time porting the Windows source code of office (yes, they are using the Windows implementation of OOXML, so there is only one implementation).

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