iPhone may someday allow 3rd party apps

From the All Things Digital conference comes news that Apple will someday allow third party applications, but we have to be “a little more patient”:

This is an important tradeoff between security and openness. We want both. We’re working through a way… we’ll find a way to let 3rd parties write apps and still preserve security on the iPhone. But until we find that way we can’t compromise the security of the phone.

I’ve used 3rd party apps… the more you add, the more your phone crashes. No one’s perfect, and we’d sure like our phone not to crash once a day. If you can just be a little more patient with us I think everyone can get what they want.

I’m happy Apple may be reversing their course here: the old story of needing to have your apps go through some vetting process at Apple sucked. I’m missing some key fact here, though: given that the iPhone runs Mac OS X, why would 3rd party apps cause the iPhone to crash? That isn’t a big problem with the Mac today. Does the iPhone not have hardware memory protection? Or is it some other software or hardware change that makes the iPhone more susceptible to 3rd party software crashes than the Mac?

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 30May07.

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