New site design and logo

As you can see if you are viewing this site in a web browser and not an RSS feed reader, I’ve updated the design of my site. The new design is based on unsleepable by Ben Gray – my tweaks consist primarily of a new logo and some updated font specifications. The site will look best if you have the Myriad Web Pro font installed, but should still look fine if you don’t. Let me know if you have problems.

The logo itself was done for me by my ever-so-talented wife Michele. I like it because the little guy reminds me of the old PlaceWare logo, while the whole thing still looks modern. For those who never saw it, here’s the PlaceWare logo for reference:

old placeware logo

And here is what the new logo looks like in a larger size, so you can appreciate the design in full detail:

Large shebanation logo

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 23Apr07.

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