PDF Preview Handler from Ryan Gregg

Ryan Gregg has done a nice little hack (and I mean hack as a compliment: the program was small, easy to create, and darn useful) to embed Adobe Reader’s ActiveX control within a Vista/Outlook 2007 Preview Handler. So now you can see what those PDF attachments in Outlook 2007 look like without all that double-clicking. The nice thing about his handler is that it works with Outlook 2007 on XP unlike the FoxIt Preview Handler from Tim Heuer – very handy for me as I prefer to run XP in Parallels. Plus you don’t have to deal with all that FoxIt stuff 🙂

I should warn people that the ActiveX control’s UI wasn’t designed to work with small amounts of screen real estate, so those with smallish laptops might want to wait for a better solution to come along…


~ by Andrew Shebanow on 25Mar07.

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  1. i see this hack is favorable ;-)… on a side note it should be pointed out that there has been an adobe activex version for a while (see the referenced msdn article in my post) from stephen toub. this one, does however, work in xp which is great!

  2. Check Photoshop files(PSD) Preview Handler for Windows Vista here


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