Commenting reopened

On January 9th, I set up my blog to only accept authenticated comments, as described in this blog post.

Unfortunately, the net effect is that the number of comments on my blog has gone down greatly, even though the number of readers has gone up. I’m not happy with that, so I’ve gone back to moderating comments by hand and manually filtering out the comment spam Movable Type isn’t catching.

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 15Jan07.

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  1. Andrew, sorry you’ve been having these problems with Movable Type — I work with the MT team and we’d like to get this handled for you.

    If you have the SpamLookup plugin running, there are some recipes available on the MT Wiki.

    If it makes sense to go to more powerful options, we’ve got some ideas. Let me know if we can help out, or if there’s an admin you’d like me to get in touch with.

    [Andrew says: thanks very much for the pointers. I’ll contact you with more details, but the bottom line is that the problem is with the way the adobe blog engine is set up and not with MovableType itself.]

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