Google to buy Adobe? Maybe its the other way around…

John Milan has “written an article on Read/WriteWeb”: where he discusses the future of applications and the implications for google and Microsoft. In Part II, he suggests that one way google could diversify its holdings would be to buy Adobe. Just in case this is true, I’d like to be the first to say that I welcome our new google overlords. šŸ™‚

I do think he sells Adobe short in his analysis, though. HTML/CSS and .NET are not the only two execution environments that matter: the Flash Player is the most ubiquitous virtual machine-based operating environment in the world. Flash is doing well in the mobile world, and runs in cars and refrigerators as well. Flash has a one-click deployment story and Apollo makes that story even more powerful. Flex makes it easier for developers to target the Flash Player runtime. You get the idea…

Hey, maybe one day Adobe will buy google…you heard it here first.

~ by Andrew Shebanow on 07Dec06.

4 Responses to “Google to buy Adobe? Maybe its the other way around…”

  1. The title kinda shocked me for a few seconds.

  2. Welcome to my ever-so-subtle sense of humor.

  3. Sir

    Thank you for your keen sense of humor. I’ve just downloaded reader 8. Does that reader works in Firefox? If I install a full version of Adobe 8 will the reader get deleted?

    Thanks for your response

  4. Yes, Reader 8 works great in Firefox. Firefox is my web browser on windows so I do this all the time – as you can imagine we do a lot of stuff in PDF here at Adobe…

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